The Guest Host Report Card

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The Guest Host Report Card

Post by TheProducer on Mon 02 Sep 2013, 11:27 am

Here is the Guest Host Report Card. The guest hosts will be graded by you guys to see if he will be eligible to come back (haha).

Everyone is entitled to their opinion so i'll begin

I give Spencer an overall A. His knowledge on the topics talked about was great, he is a huge gamer!!(big plus for me). He has some different views which is nice to hear. He and Greg seemed to get along better, which was ok, but was not as exciting as Michael and Greg arguing lol.

Overall I say A... and bring him back again!


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Re: The Guest Host Report Card

Post by Sheehan7 on Mon 02 Sep 2013, 8:28 pm

Wow thanks! Id like to hear what others have to say too good or bad it would help improve my podcast as well!

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