Episode 64 Marvel Phase 3 and more

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Episode 64 Marvel Phase 3 and more Empty Episode 64 Marvel Phase 3 and more

Post by TheProducer on Sun 16 Feb 2014, 10:59 pm

Please promote two things….. the fact that we are 2 people shy of 200… and remind people that coming up will be Nerd Madness 2 soon!!!!

The Main Event
Marvel Phase 3

Noob vs
Magical Warfare II by Will McCamis
Dr. Strange vs Loki Loki wins

Freakin Hot Chicks
Hermione vs Wonder Woman

Coming Attractions
Went out and watched Robocop last night with Carrie. Turned out to be very good actually. It was a more realistic approach to the story. It went into detail about a lot of different aspects of the original movie. The tech we have now a days in the movie almost made it seem like this could actually happen. All the turns and twists, the lies and deceptions that a corporation like OCP would do just for the money, it definitely wasn’t as corny as I thought it would be. I hoped it would be good, but turned out to be better than I thought it would!!! If you enjoyed the original movies, this will be an upgrade I promise! The only change I did not like, they made Lewis which was Murphy's partner, a black guy and not a white woman. I can see a sequel in the future. Joel Kinnaman played a great Alex Murphy. I must say the acting really helped, with actors like Sam Jackson, Michael Keaton,and Gary Oldman just made it better. Considering I thought this would be another corny sci fi flick, I was thinking a 6 out of 10, but after the fact I am going with 8 out of 10. -The Producer Les

Brick Mansions starring Paul Walker

Transcendence starring Johnny Depp,Paul Bettany, and Morgan Freeman

Rapid Fire
Marvel News
Black Widow has a bigger role in Avengers Age of Ultron

Looks like Black Panther will not be in Avengers Age of Ultron

DC News
Original Flash joins new Flash cast

The Gotham casts just keeps growing and growing

Donal Logue cast as Harvey Bullock in Gotham

IF Flash doesn’t make it… Barry still will

Comics News
Supergirl is now a Red Lantern..really… Greg help!!!
Comic of the Week next week ^^^^^^

Movie News
Michael Keaton basically says I'm in for Beetlejuice if Tim Burton’s in

Star Wars News
Netflix Exclusive deal for Star Wars: Clone Wars

Freddie Prinze Jr joins cast of Star Wars Rebels

Video Game News
Worms Battleground announced for Xbox 1 & PS4

Tech News
3 Yr old pizza… yes please
James Tipper Happy for the military, but i wouldn't eat this unless it was a dire situation

Looks like Marty McFly was a prophet
Ben Breese Ok hover board is next....

Other News
Lego Ghostbusters OMG!
Wonderboy Dickinson my inner child is screaming.
James Tipper i still want the WoW Megablocks sets. too darn expensive though

Questions of the Week
Which Technological things which have been on tv or movies are you hoping they come out with in our lifetime?
Sarah Davis Hill Sylish pens that secretly transform you into a magical girl. Such as from Sailor moon
Carrie- the scanner that Bones McCoy uses from Star Trek that he'll scan you and just it will him whats wrong with you.
Dave Townsend The food microwave thing from The Fifth Element!
Lily Hamilton Rosie from the jetsons!!!!!!!!
Trevor Hutfilz Hover Boards, Lightsabers, mass production of the "Kit" car
Les- The handgun from Judge Dredd, where you can say what rounds you want

2nd Question of Week per Chase Green- What is your favorite color?
Stephen Shane Miller Yellow
Carrie- black
Dave Townsend Orange
Les- Orange

Questions for Next week
With the upcoming release of Ghostbusters Lego what franchise would you like Lego to bring out next? by Dave Townsend
What has caused you biggest nerdgasm to date?
Your favorite video game of all time?

The After Party
We know see what the Guardians toys are gonna look like

How the Batman vs Superman sequel should turn out
Stephen Shane Miller If superman really does that .it would be the coolest thing he has ever done
James Tipper He did. It was in the comic series that was a prequel to the Injustice video game.

Who’d play this???

Season 3 FTW!

An epic Time Travel flow chart… we love flow charts!!

The first mistake

Lady Sif on Agents of SHIELD

Patrick Stewart is still the man

Episode 64 Marvel Phase 3 and more TheProducerSig

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