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Episode 66

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Episode 66 Empty Episode 66

Post by TheProducer Sun 09 Mar 2014, 10:54 pm

Episode 66 Nerd Madness
First off Thank you for all the votes in Nerd Madness 2. We had a great Round 1!!!

Nerb Chat
The Producer- I know Im not a Nerb, but I want to know… What is the GH325?
Spencer- I hope you guys have Batman Arkham Knights on the table for discussion (Its in the Video Game news section)

Main Event
Captain Retires

Noob vs
The Results from Nerd Madness 2 Round 1
The 2nd Round Matches
Your Noob vs match up this week

Coming Attraction
Trailer and TV Spots
Sin City A Dame to Kill for (found by James Tipper),manual,manual

A Captain American Winter Soldier 4 min preview.. YES a 4 MIN PREVIEW

From the creators of Paranorman The BoxTrolls Trailer

Transformers Age of Extinction Full Trailer

Batman Arkham Knight Trailer

Rapid Fire
Marvel News
Baron Von Strucker will be the MCU for how long?

Worried about Villains… Marc Webb talks about it

DC News
We usually pick on Greg, but today we make him smile.

Thoughts on Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

Now either this is true….or they are just messing with us.

Comic Book News
Its like a Noob vs but in comic form.
James Tipper well...i know what series i'm going for.
Dave Townsend Awesome! Gonna get me some of that!

Movie News
Here we go with another shot at a video game movie
Here is your smart making article

Paddington Bear coming back. 80s 90’s kids might remember him

TV News
We have our Bruce and Selina

Not watching Agents of SHIELD anymore… you might want to!

Video Game News
More details about the new Batman Game

Tech News
Your TV is watching you!!!! Netflix is becoming Skynet

Question of the Week
Which Comic Book movie are you looking forward to the most this year????
Shane Miller Captain america and guardians of the Galaxy
Denny Breaks-the Lawlor Definitly guardians of the galaxy.
William McAmis Guardians of the Galaxy
Spencer -Winter Soldier

Questions for Next Week

The After Party
This is just banana’s

So this is what Sheldon is…

The cast of the Princess Bride reunited

The Gotham Cop Car

Guess what???

Favorite Facial Hair?

Say hello to my little friend

NO, this is not a picture of Les….

Ahhhh too soon???

Now here is a political campaign I can get behind…

(In your gay voice please) Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers

Who wants this Xbox?

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