2 Guns gets my 2 thumbs ... Up that is!

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2 Guns gets my 2 thumbs ... Up that is! Empty 2 Guns gets my 2 thumbs ... Up that is!

Post by IamKeyMaster on Sun 04 Aug 2013, 9:20 pm

If you like your action films to be filled special effects and deep intricate plot dips and twists, 2 guns is not the film you want. Lucky for me gritty old school blow -em up/ shoot- em ups are my idea of a grand Saturday night. The boys of summer did not disappoint. Denzel plays his role of the undercover DEA agent with ease. Seeing him as a Bobby(I know a guy) Bones was believable. Even more convincing- there was Walburg playing as a fast talking cocky undercover navy intell officer. Hell they played the undercover parts so well, that after the big identity reveal inevitably occurred, I found myself longing for the facades to be back. It was fast paced – with enough questions left unanswered that you didn't realize there has only been 1 big explosion. The bad guys are good guys and everyone has a disguise.... and that asshole Harvey... the whole theatre cheered during his well-earned pistol whipping. There was a little romance for the ladies and some gross humor for the guys. Overall- snappy one liners, refreshing storyline, and so many wasted bullets remind me how I can be swayed away from the meat of the story with all those special effects that are so heavily utilized in a typical summer blockbuster. Today I hunted down the graphic novel the movie seems to be adapted from. I am excited to hear that there is a 3 Guns being written. Its my hope that the sequel provides me the same gritty, low- brow kick ass good time as the first. Rating 8.7 (I took off a few points to honor the death of so many chickens)

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