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Post by TheProducer on Mon 12 Aug 2013, 10:17 am

what was your favorite part of the show last night?

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Episode 48 Who's Batman Empty Episode 48 Who's Batman

Post by TheProducer on Sun 11 Aug 2013, 11:37 pm

The Weekend Chat Explosion
From the Producer- Our forum is booming, why aren’t you there yet. https://nerdandthenoob.niceboard.com/

The Long Box
The Star Wars by DarkHorse

Saints Row IV has a million dollar special edition including plastic surgery (YES A MILLION)

Is WB offering Christian Bale 50 million to reprise his role as Batman
Orlando Bloom as Batman-duh fuck?

The Nerd List
Discuss some of the movies on the list

Comic of the Week
Batman'66 #4
Cover by Mike Allred
Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Ty Templeton
Colored by Wes Hartman

Noob vs
Gun Toting Psycho edition of Noob vs.. Punisher(55) vs Terminator(7)
Next Week’s Noob vs Pirates Jack Sparrow vs Dread Pirate Roberts
Coming Attractions
1st Elysuim 30.4 million
2nd We’re the Millers 26.6 million
3rd Planes 22.5 million
4th Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters 14.6 million
5th 2 Guns 11.1 million

The NEW Thor The Dark World trailer

Enders Game Trailer

Jobs Trailer starring Ashton Kutcher

Sherlock Holmes teaser Season 3

Trailer for final run of Breaking Bad

Captain Phillips Trailer starring Tom Hanks

The Short Box
Marvel News
Marvel has movies planned all the way til 2021

Joss Whedon says Thanos was never the plan( found by Keymaster)

Bryan Singer’s thoughts about X-Men DOFP

A new Captain America Synopsis

TV News
ABC discussing possible Star Wars tv show ( found by Keymaster)

Movie News
Antonio Banderas and Mel Gibson confirmed Expandables 3
Harrison Ford replacing Bruce Willis in Expandables 3

Mission Impossible a go, and with a director

Now You See Me gets a sequel

Gaming News
Hasbro and Ubisoft team up to bring games to next gen consoles

Tech News
John Carmack (From games like Doom,Wolfstein,Quake) joins Oculus

The Most idiotic and yet brilliant app ever

DC News
Mark Strong or Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor, its a win/win

Comic Book News
I know list kill us but I really like this one

Question of the Week
How will DC introduce Wonder Woman and Aquaman?
Shane Bacon Miller In the superman and Batman movie
Anthonythey should each get a short series of webisodes (tv for the internet only) as their origin and then intergration into the justice league
The Producer- After much thought Heres my answer. Aquaman should be brought into the Flash series to help push it, like Flash is help pushing the Arrow series. Wonder Woman should be left for the Superman/Batman movie, those three just work well together. We seem to be forgetting Green Lantern, not sure where he would fit in, or even if it will be Hal Jordan. He can really fit in anywhere especially if its Hal. He could show up on tv with either Flash or Oliver, or save him for the movies to pop in for the Superman/Batman movie or even the Flash movie.
James Tipper fighting each other?
pitbull-uk Wonder Woman is caught in bed with Superman
Will McCamis-I think Aquaman could show up very easily in Arrow.... maybe somewhere in the story about how he got off the island.
Wonderwoman would probably be a good fit for the superman\batman movie.... they are the big 3 after all. I read that Green Lantern was supposed to show up in Arrow at some point... and it would have to be Hal.
Weslocke-You know, I would pay good money if they did introduce Aquaman in Arrow played by Alan Ritchson (the guy who played Arthur Curry from Smallville) and him mention something like "You look different from last time I saw you... have you been hitting the gym more or something?"

Questions for next week
Who would play us in the Nerd and the Noob movie? Nerd,Noob,Producer

The After Party
A New pic of Peter and Harry from Amazing Spider Man 2

A Wise Joker

Reigning Hide and Seek Champ

The Mt Rushmore of Villians

This is why Joker is the baddest villain ever

Beatlejuice is Batman

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