Take ideas for the list?

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Take ideas for the list? Empty Take ideas for the list?

Post by Weslocke on Tue 13 Aug 2013, 12:15 am

If so, I'm just watching Sunday's episode and the conversation about the current Top 10 (Movies) got me thinking...

I was listening and throwing out quotes to myself from most of the ones listed, and got me thinking about how many movie quotes my friends and I constantly throw at each other (if not use in everyday conversation)... I think it's a nerd thing, but who knows.

So I was wondering what would the top 10 movie quotes you use in conversation? Maybe not your favorites, but probably the ones that you constantly throw out there to your friends.

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Take ideas for the list? Empty Re: Take ideas for the list?

Post by TheProducer on Tue 13 Aug 2013, 12:19 am

I always take ideas for new polls... i warn you the guys on the staff have came up with seriously about 50 lol.... as we go some get edited skipped etc.

But seriously i love new ideas.. and Movie/TV quotes...thats high on the list. i say Movie/TV cause on my top 10 Don Adams from Get Smart.. I missed it by that much would be up there!

Take ideas for the list? TheProducerSig

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