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Post by TheProducer on Sun 25 Aug 2013, 11:29 pm

The Long Box
Ben Affleck as Batman
Our Nerb’s Comments
Shane Bacon Miller What they going to bring Matt Damon in as robin lol
William McAmis I just keep trying not to think of the Daredevil movie…Honestly... Not even in my top ten choices... But I'm hopeful he does a good job.
Dave Townsend I like him in Kevin Smith films so if they got Kev in as a writer it might work!!
James Tipper Say no to Affleck!
Oh Ya there’s a petition to WB about replacing Ben Afleck as Batman
Why Ben Affleck said yes to play Batman
21 Reason Why Ben Affleck could be good as Batman

The floodgates have opened for casting rumors now

This chick REALLY wants to be Harley Quinn

Comic of the Week
Daredevil Vol. 3 # 30
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Chris Samnee
Cover by Chris Samnee
What's the best comic you’ve read on the show!!!!!!

Noob vs
I am Woman Hear me Roar by Gina Rhinehart Harley Quinn (14) vs Lara Croft (9)
William McAmis I voted.... But I'd like to point out that Buffy would kick both their asses while still finding time to fall in love with whatever happened to be dead and in the general area.
This week Noob vs Michael vs Greg ( fight to the death) and yes the winner gets in Nerd Madness!

Coming Attraction
1st Lee Daniels The Butler 17 million
2nd We’re the Millers 13.5 million
3rd The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 9.3 million
4th The World’s End 8.9 million
5th Planes 8.5 million
and 10th Kick Ass 2 4.2 million (Wow)

Sneak Peek of Season 2 of Turtles

Short Box
Marvel News
Could Elizabeth Olson be Scarlet Witch

Bradley Cooper to be Rocket Raccoon( not confirmed yet)

How Ultron will be different in Avengers 2

Kevin Feige discusses future Guardians of the Galaxy.. some great details!

Will X-Men and Fantastic Four cross over?

Thor set to appear in Disneyland

DC News
The Superman 1970’s theme park that never happened!

Comic Book News
Garth Ennis starting a new Punisher series

Venom to end @ # 42

A New Lobo

Movie News
Star Wars to have December release date?

The Top 18 Surprises of the Movie Summer

Wow wait a second, Expendables 3 has a plot?

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has a Title

Ricky Gervais to star in two new movies, and wants to be a supervillain.

The new guy (star wars video dude)

A new hope loses its vision (Jesus gains a cinematographer)

TV News
Rambo Tv Series (Sly WILL NOT BE John Rambo)

Justified Season 5 will pay tribute creator Elmore Leonard

Smallville and Risolli and Isles actor Lee Thompson dies

Gaming News
Playstation launch date announced

A List of confirmed games for Xbox One

The WWE2k14 roster revealed

GTA V to have 700 missions

Xbox One games are region free

Chick News
Do we have an Anastasia Steele yet?

Question of the Week
What's your Nerdy dream job?
Devaraj Ramsamy Explosives engineer ( Dont get his name wrong its our cousin)
Sheehan7- Working at IGN, Infinity Ward, or Bungie (can't decide)
Jim Terry III Weapon designer and tester
Jessica Ford Does historian count? Lol
William McAmis cia operations situational coordinator
Sarah Davis Hill I want to open a cosplay cafe. Or work at one.
Denny Breaks-the Lawlor It my not be very fantastical but I would love to work at the hobby shack, which is a shop for all games nerdy games workshop, magic the gathering and many more
The Noob Editor at DC comics
Shane Bacon Miller To be in the XMEN
The Producer Executive Producer at Marvel Studios, and yes Kevin Feige that means I want your job!
Nerd- Open a movie theater
Questions for Next Week
50 episodes down, what would you like to see in the next 50 episodes?
The After Party
Can’t we all just get along (found by Mike Herrley)

Wolverine,Beast and a Groovy Prof X

The Thor Bookend

Best birthday ever

New Amazing Spider Man pics, including Sinister 6

Dr. Evil’s plans

The Lara Croft Evolution (found by Will McCamis)

Why… cause i'm Batman

Drax looks badass

The Avengers light

Look Loki got his own hammer ( found by Keymaster)

Some fantastic new Thor pics

There is a difference (found by Sheehan)

The Expendables 3 set pic, I must say Wesley Snipes has aged well

The Greatest pic ever!!!

Michael Rooker on the set of GOTG

Matt Damon is he play Robin?????

A Daredevil bitchslap

Gee… Christian Bale or Ben Affleck…. hmmmm Ben Affleck

Facebook blew up!!!!!

Portraying the voice of Batman…. Gilbert Godfrey….. Affleck!!!

Meanwhile at Marvel… ( In the Super Friends voice)

Ben and Matt

I see turmoil between Supes and Batman already

When I was told Ben Affleck is going to be Batman

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