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Last show of the year Empty Last show of the year

Post by TheProducer on Sun 03 Nov 2013, 11:49 pm

Weekend Recap
The Producer- a nice relaxing weekend, no football. A little putt putt, going out to eat,sitting at home. nice and quiet.

The Long Box
Looks like Harrison could be a busy man

Comics on TV
Arrow Discussion

The Nerd List
Top 10 Baddies

Noob vs
Gangsters Paradise Michael Corleone (Cool vs Al Capone (7)
I’ll start a tournament later this month!

Coming Attraction
Greg’s Enders Game Review

X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer

Justice League War Trailer

New 47 Ronin Trailer

The Lego Movie Trailer

The Wolf of Wallstreet

Short Box
Marvel News
A Sneak Peek of Cap 2 in the Thor Dark World 3D showings

Sir Ben Kingsley’s secret is revealed

DC News
David S. Goyer gets a 3 year first look deal with WB/DC

Jamie Alexander still talking Wonder Woman…

Comic Book News
The Winter Soldier returning

Movie News
Olympus Has Fallen gets a sequel

Army of Darkness sequel!

TV News
Could Agents of Shield tie in with Thor the Dark World

Walking Dead gets 5th Season

The Simpsons to honor Marcia Wallace tonight

Will Sons of Anarchy get to Season 7

Gaming News
Skyrim meets Minecraft
Ben Breese Oh god yes.......

Tech News
Lag Reducing Hardware
William McAmis Nice... But without an 802.11ac card in your pc... It looks like a standard N gaming router

Chick News
Fifty Shades of 50 Filming getting pushed back

Other News
Lost Return of Jedi footage found on LazerDisk

Question of the Week
Halloween Themed What will you dress up as Halloween this year? Or what could you dress up as if you had unlimited money?
Andrea L. Terry Unlimited money the whole family was gonna be avengers. Just can't see paying $60-$100 for adult costumes.
Stephen Shane Miller I would dress up like collosis from xmen (if I spelled it right)
Shawn O'Neill I'm going as Willie Robertson (Mr. Duck Commander)
Carrie The Ninja Turtles Of Course...
The Producer Me and my son will be Raph and Donny from Turtles...... hes Raph and I am Donny...... but unlimited money I'd be Captain America with a BA Shield
The After Party
Need a Doctor?

Its getting real in here

I Frankenstein Poster

WOW, he’s real

Set photos from the new Transformers

My birthday cake.. fantastic

Teleporting issues

The Ultimate Halloween decorations

Then and Now.. sometimes now sucks

Nintendo rocks

The many faces of Tom Hiddleston

Thats not a moon

More X-Men photos

20 Different types of PC’s

X-Men Trailer breakdown, with description

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