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Thor The Dark World Review

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Thor The Dark World Review Empty Thor The Dark World Review

Post by TheProducer Sun 10 Nov 2013, 2:15 pm

Thor The Dark World, the next installment of the Marvel Comic Universe.

Well my review I tend to try and avoid spoilers, but doing this review there may be a spoiler or two. First off, I want to go ahead and clarify that this movie is better in so many more ways then Iron Man 3. The characters, the story, just oh my gosh it was great. The movie talks about an old power called The Aether, now before you ask or think I believe the Aether will be one of the Infinity Stones. So we know two of the 6 now. This is a darker movie then we had thought, and I have to say it worked out, it wasn't so dark it didn't fit in, but it was interesting. This movie showed the progression of multiple characters including Thor. He is trying to go through the 9 Realms restoring Peace. Then Jane Foster stumbles on the Aether, and actually infects her which awakens the Elves. Jane ends up going to Asgard of course makes some upset (Odin). The Elves attack Asgard which I must say kinda looked like a mix between Star Wars and Wizard of Oz lol. I'll stop there cause after the better at Asgard, is when it gets interesting. Why Thor has to go to Loki. the things Loki does after Thor gets him out of prison, and the ending of the movie OMG What HAPPENED. I'll just say the ending of Thor is not as confusing as your trying to figure out what happened, its just the details of how everything happens. Which Kevin Feige said would be address in both the next Thor movie (yes there will be a 3rd) and the next Marvel movies. The post credit scenes there are two, a mid credit scene and post credit. The post is not a huge thing, but the mid credit, lets just say its leading into a new movie!!!!!!!!

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