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Post by TheProducer on Sun 18 Aug 2013, 1:24 pm

Well lets start this off by saying, i am little hung over from last night (date night with the wife), there may be spoilers. Did you like Kick Ass 1, if so, this one is better to me. Kick Ass 2 goes more into detail of the lives of HitGirl and Kick Ass. Marcus aka Morris Chestnut is now Hitgirl's legal guardian, which if you remember was Big Daddy's partner when he was a cop. This movie really makes you hate high school girls, just saying.However in one scene, Mindy aka Hitgirl uses a device she has to make you instantly vomit and crap all over yourself, and of course its against the girls you hate, so your laughing uncontrollably.

Now I just wanna say there is a lot of Death in this movie, and some people die which you didn't really see coming.Some new characters and some from Kick Ass 1. I thought the Justice Forever group was great, Jim Carrey did not even sound like himself in this movie.

Not to drag this on, or give any huge spoilers away. I was thinking this movie would be about 7.5 out 10. I was pleasantly surprised when I left. It was a realistic approach to if superheroes and super villains actually existed in the real world. So I walked out giving Kick Ass 2 an 8 out of 10. Its worth seeing IF YOU LIKE KICK ASS 1.

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