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Post by TheProducer on Sun 09 Feb 2014, 11:20 pm

Chit Chat
The Main Event
Jesse Eisenberg to play a Younger Lex and Jeremy Irons to be Alfred

Nerd List

Comic on TV- Review
Arrow talk

Noob vs
Fatguy’s Edition Kingpin vs The Blob The Blob wins
Magical Warfare II Dr. Strange vs Loki
Coming Attractions
NATN Approved Movies this Month
The Lego Movie (out now)
Robocop ( Feb 14th )
Non Stop ( Feb 28th )

Trailers and TV-Spots
International X-Men Tv spot

Divergent Trailer

Captain America The Winter Solder Trailer
Stephen Shane Miller I can't wait
Michael OK fine. i'll admit it. now I am excited!!

Transformers 4 Trailer
Ben Breese YESS!! GRIMLOCK!!

Rapid Fire
Marvel News
Could we have Janet Van Dyne? or Hank Pym’s Daughter

Hey guess what, another bad guy in Amazing Spider Man 2

Guardians 2 set for Phase 3.. maybe
James Tipper Cant wait for the first one.

Paul Bettany confirmed to be Vision
Daniel Hall This would be sweet. Vision was always one of my favorite Avengers. And while I cannot be sure if he could do the part physically, he has proved many times as Jarvis that he can do the dry android acting with ease.
Dave Townsend I'm ok with that! He plays strange characters quite well!

DC News
The Differences in Arrow/Flash tv shows

We now have a Jim Gordon in Gotham

We now have an Iris West

Movie News
Gary Oldman says he’s been contacted about Star Wars VII, but who would he be?

Vin Diesel says XXX 3 script will be done next month

Forest Whitaker in talks to join Taken 3 cast

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Live action movie
Lee Baker ...why ruin everything…

TV News
Psych ending after this season

We are getting a blonde british John Constantine

Video Game News
Uncharted gets a director, might still get a movie

Chick News
Two chicks returning for Pitch Perfect 2

Question of the Week
If you were a sidekick, who’s sidekick would you be? if you'd like to include powers by all means go for it.
Denny Breaks-the Lawlor I'm calling dead pools side kick, no real powers just there so DP can boost his ego even more.
Les- I would be Captain America's sidekick, I would just be Bucky's sidekick instead of Steve's I wouldn't wanna replace Bucky. And I would have the same serum in me that Cap had.
Stephen Shane Miller Wolverine and my powers would be the touch that turns people to bacon
Dave Townsend If we can duplicate answers I'd be another Merc for hire with Denny! He needs plenty of people around to put his head back on when someone chops it off!
Dave Townsend If we can't I'd be wolverines sidekick! My powers would be invulnerability to stop him killing me, super speed to stop him getting away and bone claws cos they are cool!

Questions for Next Week
Which Technological things which have been on tv or movies are you hoping they come out with in our lifetime?
Tell Chase Green sorry his question didnt make it

The After Party
Happy Birthday to an evil yet awesome person!
Things we learned from Mario Kart.. this is fun

Captain America gets a new character poster

Opitmus Prime and his new friend
Ben Breese Awwwwww yeeeeaaaaaah!

The Batman shampoo asks a good question?

There’s bad.. then there’s BAD!

The NATN Family is talented

New images from Cap 2

This was inspiration to the possible Question of the Week

Laugh when u get it

22 Jump Street Poster

This was fun!
Gina Kleinschmidt Rhinehart In no order: Doctor Who,Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones
Andrea L. Terry Doctor who, star trek and firefly and serinity since Stargate wasn't an option lol
Lily Hamilton LOTR /GOT/ Marvel
Michael Star Wars, Doctor Who, Batman The Animated Series
Sarah Doctor Who, lord of the rings, and star trek
Les- Star Wars, The Current Marvel movie universe and Indiana Jones
Helen Hamilton firefly&serenity/ST/sherlock holmes
Daniel Hall Marvel, Star Wars, LOTR.
Manda Rae Seeley Star Wars, game of thrones, and batman animated series

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