Episode 47 Flash gets a Scarface

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Episode 47 Flash gets a Scarface Empty Re: Episode 47 Flash gets a Scarface

Post by TheProducer on Mon 05 Aug 2013, 7:02 pm

Here is our entire.. show, what was your favorite part of the show... was it the announcement of the Nerd List? Greg's meltdown over Vin Diesel, or was it a particular story?

Episode 47 Flash gets a Scarface TheProducerSig

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Episode 47 Flash gets a Scarface Empty Episode 47 Flash gets a Scarface

Post by TheProducer on Mon 05 Aug 2013, 12:20 am

The Weekend Chat Explosion (3 mins)
Big family gathering our Uncle and Aunt’s 25th wedding anniversary.
Lastly, why have you not joined the forum yet! If haven’t joined yet, your a Lu who sa her! go to https://nerdandthenoob.niceboard.com/ and join now

The Long Box (15 mins)
Flash to star in 3 episodes of Arrow, then his own show
What brings Flash to Staring City...

Scarface gets a reboot

The Nerd List ( 4mins)
As homage to our upcoming Nerd List which will...... here our is an awesome countdown

Our Nerd List this time will be...... Top 10 Greatest Movies of All Time

Comic of the Week ( 5 mins)
Skyward #1 From Action Lab
Written and Drawn By: Jeremy Dale
Color By: Steven Downer
Released : 07/31/2013

Noob vs ( 3 mins)
Whos the All American American Guile(18) vs Luke Cage(18)
A note from the Producer- This is not Soccer, there should not be no FREAKIN TIES!
Punisher vs Terminator
Coming Attraction(3 mins)
August 2nd 2 Guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg
August 9th Elysuim starring Matt Damon
August 16th Kick Ass 2 Chloë Grace Moretz, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jim Carrey,
August 23rd The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
August 30th Getaway starring Ethan Hawke

Top 5 Movies This Weekend
1st 2 Guns 27.3 million
2nd Wolverine 21.7 million
3rd Smurfs 2 18 million
4th The Conjuring 13.6 million
5th Despicable Me 2 10.3 million
Complete List here http://boxofficemojo.com/weekend/chart/

Trask Industries trailer (X-Men DOFP)

Machete Kills new trailer

Lone Survivor Trailer (starring Mark Wahlberg)


The Short Box
TV News(6 mins)
We have a new Dr. Who

Whose Line gets renewed for Season 2

Meet the Villain of Sherlock Season 3

Movie News(6 mins)
Possible new Mortal Kombat movie and game

Jeremy Renner to star in next installment of The Bourne Series

(3)Eddie Murphy back as Axel Foley for Beverly Hills Cop 4

Gaming News(2 mins)
Neil Gaiman jumps into gaming

DC News(8 mins)
Frank Miller to meet with Zack Snyder about Superman vs Batman movie

Could Wonder Woman be a crossover cameo type character or get an origins story

Dark Archer is back in Season 2 for Arrow

(1)Thank God Lois isn’t as dumb as she used to be

Chick News(2 mins)
50 Shades of Gray director getting closer to casting

Comics News( 2 mins)
X-Men Battle of Atom # 1

Marvel News(2 mins)
Kickass talks about playing Quicksilver in Avengers Age of Ultron

Techie News(2 mins)
Netflix finally gets it right

Avatar News(4 mins)
Avatar now will have 3 sequels

(2)Avatar 2 getting touch ups by Sarah Connor Chronicles writer Josh Friedman

Question of the Week (7 mins)
What Role should Vin Diesel play in Marvel
William McAmis Crusher Creel "The Absorbing man"!!! He looks just like him. Scarlet witch!!!
Shane Bacon Miller I think they should have him playing as apocolypes
Lee Baker Thanos or Vision. I'll deliver a straw to the studio so he can suck it up.
Anthony Whitehouse gorilla man (aka ken hale) or howard the duck
Jonathan Bradley Iron-Man after RBD Jr. retires.
Denny Breaks-the Lawlor He should be deadpool in phase 3
Twinky Honestly.. I can't think of any good roles for him. I mean... I see nothing he could do for Marvel. But for DC I see some roles he be good at.
IamKeyMaster ARES!!!!Moon Knight Groot Wrecker The Vision Thanos
(I know its a long stretch) Ben Grimm
TheProducer I still think that Vin Diesel will be the voice of someone... the question is who.... After what Kevin Feige said, I kinda think it wont be Groot or Rocket Raccoon. Thanos is possible. If I had to bet on him portraying an actual character. I guess Luke Cage, Vision or a dark horse could Namor the Sub-Mariner
Mango I think the next movie should be "Marvel - The Vin Diesel Story"
The Nerd’s Friend James says Vin Diesel could be Lex Luthor
Spencer Sheehan Everyone

Questions for Next Week
How should they introduce Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the DC Movie/TV show universe?
The After Party
Nerds are better parents

Little Father issues

The Avengers Then and Now

Darth Vader in DC

I’m Batman ( in the Batman voice)

Things Batman will never say

Jupiter Ascending set photos (Found by Lily Hamilton)

A Mystique photo from X-Men DOFP

At the request of Carrie Gray a countdown to 50 Shades

Bryan Singer stands near a full size Sentinal

New Thor Poster... badass

A Batman convoy

Episode 47 Flash gets a Scarface TheProducerSig

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