Episode 51 Our First Guest Host

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Episode 51 Our First Guest Host Empty Episode 51 Our First Guest Host

Post by TheProducer on Mon 02 Sep 2013, 12:23 am

Weekend Chat Explosion

The Long Box

Nintendo announced 2DS

Joss Whedon discussing possibly killing main characters in Age of Ultron

Comic of the Week
Batman/Superman #3
Written by Greg Pak
Art by Yildiray Cinar
Art by Jae Lee
Cover by Jae Lee

Noob vs
Jacob Boreham Wright look, the obvious choice for the ultimate NATN noob vs. would be the nerd.
why? because the nerdie ninjas would throw their sai's into the faces of the mangolian armiee guard, while chuck norris would flying roundhouse kick the mangolian infantry right into abraham lincons (probably mispelt that) AK, rendering the mangolian army, then faume (again, probably mispelt that), would throw a minecraft map at the noob, rendering him sedated, then james bond would delete the map, making the noob weep so hard that he would drown himself. If you read that whole sentence in one go, then G freaking G.

P.S. my answer was the nerd wins

The Epic Battle: The Nerd (5) vs The Noob (Cool
This week the chat can pick!

Snake Vs MasterChief

Coming Attractions
This Weekend’s Top 5 ( What is the world coming too!)
1st One Directions This is Us 17 million
2nd Lee Daniels The Butler 14.7 million
3rd We’re the Millers 12.6 million
4th Planes 7.7 million
5th Instructions Not Included 7.5 million
Other Notables 9th Getaway 4.5 million

The New International Trailer for 47 Ronin

Short Box
Marvel News
Bradley Cooper is Rocket Raccon

James Spader casted to Ultron

Vin Diesel motion captures for Groot… no leaves on his tree then?

DC News
Matt Damon says nope.. not playing Robin

Arrow Season is getting even more packed

Justin Timberlake wants to be Riddler??? Thoughts????
Dave Townsend I'd like to see Jim Parsons as the Riddler! I think he would make a great smart n witty manic!
The Producer To me Riddler is sooooo tricky, Jim Parson's ya I would love that on many levels, and I do think he could pull it off. I just wanna throw this name into the mix.. Jesse Eisenberg. As much as I enjoy Jim Parsons, I think Jesse Eisenberg would be HUGE!!!
Spencer Sheehan If Jim Parsons was riddler that would be soo awesome
Dave Townsend Yeah I could see Jesse doing that role justice! How about Michael Cera?

Comic Book News
Another villain gets spotlight in Green Lantern

Movie News
Could We have the Twins for Star Wars VII

Kurt Russell joins Fast and the Furious 7

We Could see a new Spawn movie filming next year

Louis Leterrier to direct Now You See Me 2

Green Ranger wants a PG-13 Green Ranger movie

This weeks casting round up

TV News
Abrams and Nolan to make deal for HBO TV show

Gaming News
Forza announces in game rewards

Chick News
50 Shades Cast to be announced after Labor Day

Question of the Week
50 episodes down, what would you like to see in the next 50 episodes?
James Tipper A black lizard with a derby cap and a thomas sub machine gun shooting at a pink lizard wit ha backwards baseball camp dual wielding uzis.
The Producer- I’d like to see guests, interviews, alot more view interaction. and Maybe the Nerd and the Noob 7 ( Our own band)
Anthony a nerd and the noob soundboard on an ithingy that initially you use on the show then later make it available for purchase over the digital marketplaces

Questions of the Week for Next Week
If you could rewrite any SCENE in any movie what would it be and how would you change it (miner8399)

The After Party
Its my movie and i’ll cry if I want too

Some cool looking Lego sketches

Guess what another Batman Ben Affleck joke

The Office Depot X-Wing

Mango’s Obsession

Here’s why we don’t need PED’s

A family discussion over Batman

Hey Look a Juggernaut Origin pic

Arrow Season 2… Giggity

I want this fridge

An awesome looking Star Wars poster

50 Things a Geek Should know (Infographic)

Terminator meets Indiana

Meanwhile… at the Legion of Doom

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